Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday (6)

This is a meme where you make a list of top ten things created by the Brooke and the Bookish
This week's topic is Top Ten Favorite Places to Read.

  1. My WARM bed. - It's so cozy how could I not read there when it's so cold, and there's enough room for my percious puppy to be on there with me, her name is Addie and she's a pug/beagle.
  2. My Butterfly chair.-  It's cozy and right between my window and bookself perfect for letting light in and then grabbing my book(s).
  3. My grandma's love seat.-  During the summer when I go over there (becasue I often have nothing better to do).  I sit there and read a lot of times, where I can watch her beautiful yard (the loveseat is right next to the window ledge), and when I feel like it I can go swimming in her pool.                     *no pic (cause this is a summer scene)*                                                                                                      
  4. By the Pool!-  when I have my sunglasses nothing can stop me!  Except when I want to go in the pool then I really can't get the book wet.           *summer scene, again, so no pic*                                                
  5. In front of the TV-  sometimes I feel bad that I'm sitting with my family so instead of being isolated in my room I go downstairs and read in front of the distracting TV, but still with family.
  6. In My Dad's Office- when the noise gets to be too much, and I want to not be found this is where I go.  My dad's couch is wedged into a corner so I can curl up in the corner which is so comfortable I love it, and there's a lamp behind me so I have a lot of light.
  7. The kitchen table- sometimes I read here, but only at certian times.  Before I the morning begins, and I'm waiting for the EXCAT moment I have to leave I read at the kitchen table where I can see the clock.  Or if I'm supposed to be doing work, but instead I'm reading. And sometimes when it's dinner time I just really at a good part I'll read at the table, even though I know it's rude, I kind of have to.           
  8. On an airplane-  Airplane rides go buy so fast, and I always feel so desorientated so I read.  When I'm bored at the gate waiting for it, when I'm bored and waiting for it to take off on the plane, and when I'm bored while waiting for it to land.  It's just really boring there, but I can get some serious reading done!                                                                                                                            
  9. In my old tree house-  When I was a little girl my daddy built me a swing set (that's on the ground, but we call it a tree house because it's next to a tree).  I actually will sit in the treehouse or on the swing and read.                                                                    
  10. In the car- okay this isn't my favorite place to read because I can think so clearly in the car, who has time to read when I can think!  But still after an hour or two of thinking I sometimes get bored and must pick up a book and read.

When I first looked at this topic, I thought, how many people read in TEN places or at least ten places that they like to read.  But I did it! All of the pictures on this I took myself so yes they are real!  Thanks for reading my list! 


  1. Reading definitely makes airplane rides more enjoyable! That butterfly chair looks really comfy. I was totally going to add pictures to mine and then I got lazy!

  2. I used to have a tree house where I would love to go and read. I loved the quiet there.

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