Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday (5)

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme created by the Broke and the Bookish to create a list of your Top Ten!

This weeks list topic is Your Top Ten Favorite Fictional BFF's

My list isn't really a Top Ten it's really a my all time favorite's but I just couldn't put them in an order.  So instead of numbering them I'm just going to use bullet points. 

  •               Sodapop from The Outsiders-  I loved Sodapop.  He was such an innocent person.  All of these terrible things were happening to him yet he was still fooling around.  I would love to have someone so upbeat around me all the time.  As they said in the book no one couldn't not love Sodapop.
  •               Annika from Just One Wish- Annika would do anything for her brother even seek into a Hollywood set and convince an actor to come see her brother at last minute.  She is so dedicated, and it would be great to know I had some like that as my best friend. 
  •               Cassie from Animorphs- I saw this one someone else's list and it felt like a perfect match.  Cassie is a real person in my mind.  She struggled with what she was doing as an animorph, but she was so dedicated at the same time.  Cassie would make me a better person from pure intimidation.  
  •               Scottie from It's a Purl Thing-  I can relate some much to her.  We would be best friends laughing, joking, going places in Chicago, knitting, having junkfood- filled sleepovers.  It would be great.  I loved all of her friends as well so I'm sure I'd fit in with their group, but I feel the most connection with Scottie.
  •               Dawn from 68 knots- I know this book is not very well known, but I found it amazing.  Although the characters were a bit exgarated I loved every one of them.  Dawn was my favorite because she was so deep, and she knew excatly what she believed in.  I could defintely spend hours upon days and months talking to her about those kinds of things, and the best part would be shouldn't she wouldn't get mad at anything I said.  
  •               Hermonie Granger from Harry Potter-  Tons of people put her on their lists because they could relate to her, and she understood things like the need to research, and I agree.  But, she's on my list for a different reason.  In the third book when Hermonie goes against her friends just to keep Harry safe even though they were mad at her forever.  There are few friends who would go to that length to care for me, and I think by the end of the series Ron and Harry saw that too.  
  •               Aria from Pretty Little Liars- I almost picked Emily, but she so quiet and I'm so quiet it wouldn't have worked as friends.  Aria is so different, and that's a really interesting thing in a friend.  She would be the friend to go to when you needed a different point of view on something.  It would be great to be friends with her although I don't know if she'd want me as a friend. (I might be too boring).
  •               Trixie from the Tenth Circle-  I felt so sorry for this girl in this book.  Her only true friend was her dad.  I don't want to hold myself to it, but I would have been glad to be there and help her out or at least hear her out.  Sometimes one friend is all it takes to prevent a suicide, and I believe that's where Trixie was headed if her dad hadn't stepped in.  
  •                Seeker, Morning Star, and Wildman in The Noble Warriors series-  This group would be amazing to go on adventures with.  Each one of them brings a valuable friendship quality to the cirle.  Seeker- Depth, Fate, and Reconclieation/ Morning Star- Kindness, Understanding, Loyalty/ Wildman- Spontanieousness, Adventurousness, Spirit, Humor.  To spend one day with these characters would be an experience.
  •               Arran from The Enemy-  This guy is a leader, and I would have wanted him on my side during a zombie apocolapyse.  Yet out of all the characters he knew what the priority was, and that is so important.  Arran was such a great guy, that I don't know who wouldn't have wanted to be his friend.  
Thanks for reading my list.  I put a lot of thought in to this one! 

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  1. A friend of mine and I used to read Animorphs together back in high school -- she was very much like Cassie. I liked all of the animorphs kids, especially Tobias and Marco, but Ax is the one who wound up on my list.

    Nice to see Sodapop mentioned, too. Have you read much else of Hinton's work?