Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Enemy Review

The Enemy by Charlie Higson
Publisher: Puffin
Pages: 384
Genre: Horror

A sickness has afflicted everyone over the age of 16; anyone who is a “grown-up” has become a decomposing, brainless creature that survives by feeding on children. The children and teens have barricaded themselves in fortified buildings, fighting off attacks from the grown-ups who travel in packs, like hungry dogs. Before long, the young survivors are promised a safe haven in Buckingham Palace and make their way to it, crossing London on a perilous journey that will test them in harrowing ways. But their fight to stay alive is far from over—the threat from within is as real as the one on the outside.

          If you've been following me closely enough you'll have noticed I mentioned this book a lot.  BUt it was so good!  Even if you don't like horror (which if you aren't a fan, don't read this book) there is so much more to this book.  The characters were so real; they were my friends (or enemies).  But you fear for them.   
         At any moment on of your favorite characters could die.  I'm not kidding.  In the beginning it was a bit predictable like this, you know what is going to happen but it's so awful your like pssh no!, then it does.  The pace was good, but it got a bit slow in the middle then picked back up for the climax.  This was the only thing that I didn't like, will there was one other little thing.  There was a moment that was a bit unbelieveable but after the next moment your happy that it happened. 
         I cried; I feared.  My heartbeat grew faster as the fear and suspence brought it all to life.  Zombies!
         If you like zombies you must read this book!
        Theme: execellent, live life like at any moment you could die from a zombie mob.  Keep your head on straight. 
        If all books were half as good as this there would be no twilight.

Characters: 10
Plot: 10
Suspence: 9
Theme: 8
Pace: 9
Mood: 9
Overall: 9.5- It changed how I see zombies, books of all genre will be compared to this.

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