Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Vetran's Day

                 Hey Guys! It's time to drag yourselves out of bed and go pay your respects to soldiers that have fought for us! 
                This morning I went to see a soldier being brought home.  He died in action.  I don't know many details but after he graduated from my high school he went in to the military.  It's kind of like he died so that kids could go to his high school. 
                What is the best part of Vetran's Day?  Reading war books!  I know a bit cheesy, but this is what I do.  My favorite war book is Private Peaceful by Michael Murpurgo.  This is about two brothers that must enter WWI.  It was excellent I read it in a day (It was also pretty short).
World War I for Young Readers

                I'm reading something for this right now.  It's called Flygirl by Sherri L. Smith.  This is about a colored girl who wants to become a fighter pilot for WWII, but not only is she a woman she lives in the South with extreme prejudices around her.  She must use her light skin to pass for white.  Pretty good so far.  Sherri is definitely a talented author. 
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