Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday (1)

       Many book blogs have weekly memes.  I loved the idea of this, but I didn't want to do Teaser Tuesdays which everyone does.  During Blog Hop Friday I stumbled upon this meme.  That's when I knew that this is what I wanted to do. 
       Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.  Any blogger who shares the love of lists with us should check this out.  Or if you simply want to look at more Top Ten Tuesday lists. 

Weekly list: Top Ten Best Books for Halloween (that I've read)
I've only read a few good halloween books that were actually good so there are many better books for halloween out there that I have yet to read. 

  1. The Enemy by Charles Higson- This book is the best horror book ever.  I cried in fear for the charecters.  My mind raced to find a solution to their horrific problems.  It's gorey and there's action on every page.  My heart started racing as I actually began to fear. 
  2. Generation Dead by Daniel Waters- ZOMBIES need I say more?  This book was a well done paranormal that didn't focus on an angsty romance.  This book is what made me love zombies.  Team Zombie!
  3. Ruined by Paula Morris- This book had ghosts, a curse, mystery, a little romance, and it was set in New Orleans.  One of the most paranormal cities there is.  Awesome ghost book.
  4. I Heart You, You Haunt Me by Lish Schroeder- This book creeped. me. out.  It sent shivers down my spine.  But this book is more a romance book, and written in verse so it didn't set the best Halloween atmosphere this is my number 4.
  5. Once A Witch by Carolyn MacCullough- Witches, mystery, a cute guy.  The network of family in this book made the magic amazing.
  6. Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl- actually reading this one right now.  If you've read Ruined then you'll love this book, the same is viseversa.  It has a sounthern setting.  But there's witches instead of ghosts.  It is at number 6 because it is more a mystery and a romance. 
  7. Stephen King- I don't have anything else, but the next two authors are guarenteed creepyness.
  8. Edgar Allan Poe- This guy is insane, who doesn't love him
I shall leave you with a scary story...that I heard on the radio.

           Haunted Houses are getting scarier and scarier.  Now they're to the extreme. 

           You are given an address to an old warehouse with the scariest haunted house ever.  Excitement is buzzing through you.  Haunted houses have never been able to scare you.  Last time you went a guy ran up to you with a chain saw, and you threw you arm around his shoulder, and asked him if he had seen any good horror movies lately.  You were confident that this one would be just like the others, and that you would walk out of there without have even screaming.
         As you pull up in you car you realize that there isn't a warehouse.  All that's there is a slab of concrete.  A hand is placed over your mouth.  Two men in masks have just come up behind you.  "What the-", you try to say but you are thrown into a trunck with a something that looks like a dead sheep.  "Hey, let me out of here.  What do you think you're doing!"  You scream at the men.  The car drives around for a while before the engine stops.  The night air greets you as the trunck opens and the men drag you out of the car. 
        "Let me go!  I'll call the police!" You scream.  They gag you.  Fear settles in your mind.  What if this is haunted house is just a crazy person wanting to kill people?  You struggle to get free, but the men bound you arms and legs.  Then a wooden casket is pulled out. 
        Another man comes up behind them.  He is carrying three shovels.  They start digging into the ground.  Your eyes widen in fear as you start screaming.  After a while of digging the men open the casket, and put you in it.  You have just soiled your pants.  They lower the casket into the ground, and the thud of dirting hitting the wood echos inside the coffin. 
        Tears spring to your eyes.  All you wanted was to go to a haunted house, and laugh at the fear of your friends.  You are too young to die.  An eternity passes, and then suddenly you feel the casket being picked up.  The men open the casket, and unbind you then get into their car and drive away.  Your car is thiry minutes away on the wind sheild is a paper that says "Live".  You are sure of one thing.  If you hadn't signed those realease papers you would sue. 

This was REAL.  An actual haunted house did this, and someone decided to write an article about it. 



  1. I put The Raven on my list! Edgar Allen Poe is the man!

  2. I have only read one thing by Edgar Allen Poe and it was the Tell Tale Heart. I must agree...He is insane!

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