Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pizza Review!

         I have a passion for books, obviously or I wouldn't have this blog, but I also have a passion for pizza.  It's my favorite food, and I am on the tireless search for the best pizza.  (So far my favorite is Papa Johns)  This weekend my search brought me to Chicago!  My family and I decided to go to the famous Giordano's. 
         It was so crowded there!  We had to wait for an hour in a crowded bar with barely any seats.  Everyone there said it was worth the wait.  After twenty minutes we ordered a large thin crust for my family, and a small stuffed cheese pizza for me( because I want REAL Chicago pizza).
         Shortly after we were seated our pizzas were brought out.  We were served our pizza by the waiter, and I dug into it ( I had been looking forward to it all day).  Hmm...

My rating scale is this:

1. Ew!
2.Not good.
5.I love it.

Crust: 4- deep dish like I like it.
Sause: 3- not bad.
Cheese: 2- It tasted like string cheese and there was three times too much.
Overall: 3- I've tasted better from Chicago.

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