Tuesday, October 5, 2010

October Theme

I thought a lot on this, (that's why it's a bit late).  After combineing a few themes from my recent books, and adding some of my own thoughts I got it.  Here we go.

Hiding in Thoughts

               We often say "believe in what you can't see", but what about what you can see?  What we can see can be very misleading.  People create images of themselves, of what they want people to see.  People also create false ideas for objects.  It's just false advertising.  We can all think of a million examples. 
               The hard part is to create a way of thinking where we can see past these masquerades, and know what is underneath.  My friends and I had created an image of the people in our school.  The ones who are popular, and outgoing, and can be a bit oblivious to those around them.  We created an image that all of them had ideas about us.  We were acting prejudge.  It wasn't because of their skin color or religion, it was because that some of them were mean.  So we thought that none of them could be nice. 
                Do you know which one of them got me to see that they weren't all like that?  One of the meanest of them.  She's still mean.  But that's when I realized my thoughts were making me blinded by negativity.  That's all I could see.  Isn't that what lots of modern authors are trying to say.  Stephnie Meyer said that by creating the idea that not all vampires are monsters.  I still don't like her as an author, but she had a huge example.  Even Cassandra Clare is saying that outright in her books.  Maybe the frightening aren't bad.
I will be posting poems that go along with this theme every Friday!

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