Saturday, July 9, 2011

Website Weekend


This is a directory for book blogs.  I discovered this site not to long ago and I already have people e-mailing me to welcome me to the site.  From my explorations of the site I can see that there are two prime uses for it.

Go to fullsize image1. Finding Blogs-  There are a number of ways to find new blogs: blog hops, other sites sidebars, memes, etc, etc.  This site helps you find blogs in a way simalar to the set up of fanfiction, it has a picture of the blog, and a description of it so that you can know what genre the blog features. There are several different way to search through the list of blogs, or you can click the Random Blog button and the site will take you to a random blog but there's no telling what genre that blog will be. 
              I found a blog yesturday called You're Killing Me, it's not a mystery book blog, but it has killer reviews!!!  She really goes into to depth of what annoyed her and what could have been improved.  Nothing is left out she talks about the plot, characters, and suspense (etc) used by the book rather than just how much she liked it.  I spent at least two hours last night just going through reviews of books I was planning to read. 

2. Networking your Blog- If you don't have a blog this site is still very useful for exploring the book blogosphere, but if you have a blog then this site is just the type of thing that you need.    There are tons of communites that allow you to post reviews and a bits about your blog to help you get followers.  This site is also mainly dominated by bloggers so this is the perfect oppurtnity to talk to other bloggers if you have any questions or need advice.
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If you are on this site and have anything to add please feel free to comment, and add to the post.

Here is the link for the site.  Thank you!

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