Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday (18)

This is hosted by The Brooke and the Bookish.  This week's question is...Top Ten Rebels in Literature.  Here it is in no particular order.

  1. Vi from Possession-  she fights every bit of society that she lives in but that's not why I picked her.  She's not only a rebel but she's a very well done character that is human in the way she acts and thinks.
  2. Diana from The Luxe- though I loath all of the other spoiled girls in this novel Diana goes against them with her rebellious attitude.
  3. Calla from Nightshade-  she finds out the truth, and rebels against her society to escape the lie.  She chooses the forbidden love over her destined one.
  4. Julie from A Time for Dancing-  She has cancer, but since the chemo makes her feel so bad she rebels against it and stops treatment.  Although this was a very sad novel I admired her for standing up for herself even though it was a hard choice to make.
  5. Oscar from Candor-  I really have nothing to say for this one except that it's his dad that is controlling everyone, yet he goes against it.
  6. Amy from Across the Universe-  Eveyone is unlike her, yet she still stands up for herself when they go against her.
  7. Katniss from Hunger Games- she didn't even know what she was doing it was just in her nature to rebel.

Those are all of the important ones.  In today's books rebels aren't hard to find but wheiter they are real people or not...that's the difference between making the list, and being within the pages of the book that is thrown across the room in one of my "Twilight" fits.

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