Sunday, May 15, 2011

Website Week, May 16-22

Website Week is where you make a post about a website you've discovered, and think is really cool.  It's for all of those websites that you just love to tell people about.  Leave a comment with your Website Week post.

      This week's website (of mine) is Caring Bridge.  This is a website where if someone has cancer or has a premature baby can post updates about the person then everyone can subscribe to it.  The posts help stop a huge flow of "How is so-and-so doing?"  or stopping nasty rumors that aren't true.  It's kind of like a blogging community for people with health problems.  Except there's a "Donate" button where people can give money to the person that is in trouble. My friend who had cancer used this website, and I thought it was wonderful so this is my second Website Week post!

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