Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday (17)

Hosted by the Brooke and The Bookish.  This week's topic is Top Ten Bitches.

    Some Girls Are
  1. Girls from Clique-  I suffered through two of the books!  Gez they think that The Limited is cheap!  HA!  That's crap.  Why can't there parents cut them off now before they wind up in millions of dollars of credit card debt.
  2. Kara from Some Girls Are-  Gez this girl had no life.  I don't care if bad things happened to her.  She should have left it alone.  This girl was an angry, half- crazy bitch.
  3. Anna from Some Girls Are-  The source.  The way courtney made her out to be I know that she will probably never get over herself because if she did she would commit suicide.
  4. White Witch (or Bitch) from Narnia-  It was always apparant with how evil she is.  I mean when she first met Edmund she poisioned his mind, and she threw a giant metal stick at Aslan!
  5. Dolrius Umbrige-  I would just love to pull out her teeth one by one with no pain killers and with the wrong tools
  6. Gissele from Ruby- she made me so mad that she almost disserved what happened to her at the end
  7. The Girls from Luxe with exception of Elizabeth and Diana-  God!  Get a job or something and quit throwing your money around!
Ruby (Landry, #1)Selfari is down so I don't have my usual Books I've Read list so this is all I could come up with but I'm sure there are some really good ones.  Thanks for checking this out!


  1. I'd love to say "great list" but I have no idea who most of these are! I guess I need to expand my TBR! Thanks for stopping by my blog though! :)