Tuesday, April 19, 2011

In My Mailbox (3)

I'm so sorry I haven't posted in a while (if anyone cares).  I've had a lot of stuff to do at school, sorry.  Anyway, I've recieved quite a few things in the past few weeks from winning giveaways and stuff so I'm going to share a few pictures with you guys!

That's a sticker on the inside cover, I put it there.

          These are from Carrie Ryan's tour for the third book in her zombie series.  I had my Uncle who lives in Chicago run over to get me The Forset of Hands and Teeth because I haven't read any of her books yet, just her short stories.  He told me he auctlly started talking with her about some of the old zombie movies and that after he heard her talk he wanted to read the book.   So that's pretty cool, but he set these down to me and I've already mangaed to lose the pin so if anyone sees one lying around please e-mail me. :P. 

A white board plus marker

        This stuff is from the Truth Be Told Giveaway.  I won a signed copy of Blessed and some other swag. I've stuck the sticker on the inside cover.  As soon as I got the book I put down what I was reading and read straight threw this book (it took me slightly over two days).  I loved it, and I'll be posting the review soon.

      I made a run to Barnes and Noble and this was my haul.  A brand new Exculsive! copy of The City of Fallen Angels.  And an awesome leatherbound copy of the Narnia Collection.  This book is now my new bible.  I love it so much!  Being a diehard Narnia fan when I saw this on the web I automatically wanted it, but to not be greedy since I already own the five of the seven books I decided to wait a while to get...yeah.  The next time I went to Barnes and Noble I just wanted to look at it and touch it because it's leatherbound!  But as soon as it was in my hand I couldn't put it down for fear my heart would be attached to it so I bought for an Easter present (for myself).

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