Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday (13)


This weeks topic is TOP TEN BOOKS TO MOVIE ADAPTATIONS!  The host for this is The Broke and the Bookish!  Thanks for the awesome meme.

  1. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants- awesome movie (in some ways better than book).
  2. Narnia!- I worship the book AND the movie.
  3. Beastly- isn't out yet, but I bet it will be better than the book
  4. Lord of the Rings- I like the movie better, but only because the book is written for aliens
  5. The Princess Bride- I'm seeing this on a lot of lists so I'm going to add it to mine.
  6. Hoot- I love the book and movie
  7. Stardust- Awesome movie, crappy book                                                                             
  8. Angels and Demons- book is on my TBR list but I love the movie
  9. Matilda!- The movie is so cute.
  10. Journey to the Center of the Earth-  Yeah, I said it.
*couldn't get pictures to work for the bottom*

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