Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Top Ten Tueday (18)

This is hosted by the Brooke and the Bookish.  I haven't done one of these in awhile so I decided I'm definitely going to do one not only this week, but I did this a day early.  Ha!  This week's topic is the Top Ten Bookish Websites/ Apps/ Etc.  (In no particular order)

  1. Goodreads-  I go on here because they are a well updated site that seems to get more stuff faster, and they always have full summaries and great reviews!
  2. Shelfari- You can create a shelf on this site that can be a widget on your blog.  I love this site and it's were I keep my TBR list and my up-to-date What I'm Reading List.  Whenever I'm online it's usually the first thing I go to.
  3. Twitter- I follow tons of blogs and authors on twitter, and I think it's so cool to see what they're up to.  I remember when Margart Stohl and Kami Garcia posted that they were done with the third book of the Beautiful Creatures series.
  4. Paperbackswap.com-  This place as a lot of books that you can get for a fairly cheap price, and some you can swap.  As a blogger I have tons of books that I need to get rid of and this is a good way to do it while getting something out of it.
  5. Widget.com- This is great because you can get countdowns, and cool stuff for your sidebar.
  6. Flickr- Free pictures, and no plagiarism.
  7. RandomBuzzers- The Random House Teen website.  It has lots of giveaways, contests, and author Q&As.  It's very fun.
The rest of the spots were for Apps but I don't have any apps so I'm excited to look at everyone elses and get some of those.  Then I can get more ideas for my Website Weekend posts.  (which I am contuining).

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